January Blahs

As January unfolds, the initial spark and enthusiasm we had for the New Year and our amazing resolutions, that we absolutely were going to stick with forever, starts to flicker. Are you doomed only 23 days into the New Year? Fear not, this is just the ‘January blahs’ a period of time where you feel melancholy and lack motivation, but this is actually super normal. We are all coming down from the excitement and bustle of the Holiday Season, into a cold, wet, very unexciting January, so how do we pump ourselves up again and get out of this depressing slump and reinvigorate ourselves?

Acknowledge the Blahs

Firstly, it’s vital to acknowledge that feeling a bit down during January is normal. The shorter days and colder weather will significantly affect our mood. Recognizing that this feeling is super common can help alleviate the self-imposed guilt.

Reflect on Your Resolutions

Often, we set resolutions in a burst of year-end enthusiasm without a realistic plan. Now is a great time to revisit those resolutions. Ask yourself:

  • Are these goals achievable and sustainable?
  • Have I set clear, measurable steps to reach them?
  • Can I break them down into smaller, more manageable tasks?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, consider refining your resolutions. Don’t give up on them, but do allow yourself grace.

Start Small

Overwhelming yourself with drastic changes is a surefire way to fall short or just give up. Instead, implement small habits that contribute to your larger goal. If your resolution is to get in shape, start with a short daily walk instead of an hour at the gym. Small successes can boost your confidence and encourage you to stick with your plans.


It’s okay to stumble, but stop beating yourself up everytime you don’t succeed. Treat yourself with kindness and understand that progress is rarely linear. Use setbacks as learning experiences rather than reasons to give up.

Create a Support System

Share your goals with friends or family members who can offer encouragement. Sometimes, just talking about your ambitions can reignite your enthusiasm. Plus, accountability can be a powerful motivator.

Seek Out Sunlight

Lack of sunlight can exacerbate the January blues. Whenever possible, soak in some natural light, which can help improve mood and energy levels. Even a brief midday walk can make a difference. So bundle up, head outside or consider getting a blue light if getting outside isn’t possible.

Tackle the New Year with New Routines

Alter your daily routine to keep things fresh. If you’re working from home, change your workspace or alter your work hours if you can. A change of scenery or schedule can provide a new perspective and a mental refresh.

Prioritize Self-Care

Now is not the time to let self-care fall by the wayside. Take time for activities that you actually enjoy. Read a trashy novel (they are the best!), take a bath, try a fun painting class, go try a new yoga or pilates class, splurge on that restaurant you have been dying to try! Self-care is crucial for mental health all year long, but it is especially important during the dreary winter months.

Keep the Big Picture in Mind

Remember why you set your resolutions. Reconnect with the vision of your future self that inspired you to make those commitments. Visualize the satisfaction and benefits you’ll reap from sticking to your goals.

Stay Flexible

Be willing to adapt your goals as you progress. Rigidity can lead to frustration, so be flexible and adjust your resolutions if they no longer fit your circumstances or if new priorities emerge.

Celebrate Every Victory

No victory is too small to celebrate. Completing a workout, choosing a healthy meal, or simply working on your goal for a few minutes deserves recognition. Celebrating these moments can build momentum and joy in the process.

January may test your resolve, but it’s also an opportunity to deepen your understanding of what truly motivates you. By approaching your resolutions with patience, planning, and self-compassion, you can transform the January blahs into a productive and positive start to the year. Remember, the journey to achieving your resolutions is just as important as the destination. Onward!


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