Jealous of this PAGE

Wow... it's my birthday weekend. Just my boyfriend and I. My kids are both away. He had told my family he already had something planned for me, so they didn't even try to plan anything. So, we are laying here watching football, and I'm on here talking to you guys. He gets mad that I'm on here. Now, we are in this blow up fight! WTF? Why me? Anyone else have this problem? He threatens that he's going to join chat rooms and gets up, throwing his clothes on. Of course, I told him to go on and get his haircut or something... I really don't care. This is nuts, I come here for help, on occasion(more when he doesn't talk) and now we are fighting over me getting help! Had he rather me go out and meet new people physically? Really??

From Mood Disorders to Bipolar Disorder