why do men have to look elsewhere, i find it difficult to cope if my man has a good look at the eyecandy on display in this warm weather. it doesnt matter if it is small large tall or small he has a silly grin on his face.

i feel as if im lacking somewhere otherwise why would he look. i always make an effort when we go out hair face and clothes but its all makes no difference. should i ban him from going out or buy a blindfold.

last week he was speaking to a couple of girls in the bar, there was a lot of laughing and touching of arms, is this normal male behaviour or is it leading up to more?

Hi Domestic! This is such a great post, as I was honestly thinking the same thing after a date last week. I am not a jealous person whatsoever, but when a man blatantly turns his head when a beautiful woman walks by, it really makes me feel insecure. And, that's exactly what this guy did. I was all dolled up and felt really unattractive when he would do so. Then, we ran into a "friend" of his in the bar area of the restaurant and she was a stunner, total blonde bombshell, and there was a whole lot of touching and giggling going on. At times, I didn't even feel like I was there. Funny enough, but he called me out on looking around, asking if there was something interesting going on behind him.

Do you feel comfortable enough in your relationship to say something to him? If so, then I would bring this up and ask him if he is simply a people watcher or watching women in particularly and how that makes you feel. As well, did he know the women at the bar, were they friends of his? Or were they random women who he was flirting with? If so, then that's not ok. Again, he should know how all of this is making you feel.

I am sorry that you went through that and I am really hoping that you get this resolved, because you only deserve to be treated like a queen.

Sending you lots and lots of positive thoughts.....

puppydoglvr thank u for your concern i was asked my opinion on what to do in this situation by a friends daughter, so i thought i would put it out here and see what others had to say about it.

personally i dont mind people watching and u must admit the sun does bring all sorts out. to the extent i wonder if some of them have bothered to get dressed!!!

but as usual lots of loving thoughts and positive advice

If he is so brazen as to do this when you are with him then imagine how he is when you are not around. I go out with my middle daughter and she will be wearing a regular black tee shirt that is not tight fitting and a pair of jean shorts that are not short short but still the men will look at her when she walks by. I know this because I am watching the men as we pass. They do the same with my youngest daughter.

Got it Domestic, that's so nice of you to ask for your daughter's friend and such a fantastic question/post. Well, I still think that there has to be a level of respect when you are with a significant other. Although I love people watching, I really try to keep it under wraps when I am on a date; out of total respect for the individual. I understand that eyes tend to wander, but I believe if someone is into you, then they will fixate on you and not disrespect you when other women pass by.

I understand that it's in a man's nature to look at beautiful women and I am not knocking that whatsoever, as I have male friends who love to look. Though, I am simply focusing on when they are with a significant other. There has to be a level of respect and I think that the wandering eye is simply rude. And, I even asked my male friends their opinion on this and they said the same.

as usual great advice

loving thoughts and positive vibes

Dont waste your time hes a flirt.Only accept the best and you will have an awesome life be fussy with your choice of partner i was and i have a wonderful king looking after me...

You clearly aren't lacking otherwise why would he be with you? What he is doing is extremely disrespectful. In my experience, telling a man what to do doesn't work out so well. Being so uncomfortable that you want to ban him from going out will only create more problems and resentments. People are who they are but they can make slight adjustments. If he's a flirt, he's a flirt. Perhaps you should ask yourself if he's doing it to make you uneasy because he's insecure or needs to be reassured that he's still "the man"? Otherwise, if you think he's just stringing you along until he finds someone else, I'd run. Guess only you know how much you're willing to put up with. Good people are out there and I find it hard to believe you won't be able to find a man that will appreciate you, and only you!

I agree, I think that it's so right to hold out for the right one that makes you feel special, like you are the only one in his life and his eyes. Even when my close male friends are in conversation with me, they won't have wandering eyes, which makes me feel special and like they want to give me their full attention. I am trying to be super open minded with this last guy and its now been almost 2 weeks since I've seen him, because we are both traveling; therefore, I've had a bit of time to think. I will see him again, but don't know if I'll go down the path of dating, maybe just keeping him as an acquaintance. He's a nice guy, but some men are better off as friends because it's these types of idiosyncrasies that aren't as bothersome when you're friends rather than dating.

I agree with the last sentence July wrote well said .

Absolutely! I love July's words of wisdom...brilliant!

I hope you are ok see ya.