I know it's straight jealousy, fear almost, that he's going to find someone better. He's told me time and time again that he can't find someone better than me because I am the better girl. He says all the right things eventutally haha. He doesn't need prompted unless in a joking manner. But then why do I get so wrapped up in a goodbye today that went like this.. Me: "Okay I love you, talk to you later, bye" and Him: "Ya bye" This is something he's never done. He always tells me he loves me, even at the end of a phone conversation, we say it at the same time usually. He didn't say it. I'm going out of my little poor abused mind that he was rushed, which it sounded like, to get into someone else's pants.. or to talk to a more important person on the phone. I'm talking to him again tonight but it's going to be the same thing, everything I want to hear. He's at work in a state 13 hours drive time away. I am not able to visit, which might be part of the issue. Ugh.

Hi Mishy, Do you trust him? You have expectations of him being a certain way. When he doesn't, you are disappointed and hurt. There may be good cause for being suspicious then again there may not be. If you keep on and on with the issue, it may drive him away. I do recommend talking with him. But you are going to have to decide how much you love him. How much you are willing to put up with. When to let go, and when to let go and just trust. Jealousy can and will eat you alive. It will consume you. You also need to work on your side of the street. Why do you feel he is cheating on you? Has he given you signs that he is doing so? Has he done this before? Just throwing some questions out there.

Keep sharing with us. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))

well mishy

i think bluidkiti has said it all

but as always

loving thougths and positive vibes

Haha yeah bluidkiti you definitely have a point. I've been jealous of everyone in my life at one time or another.. whether it's romantic or platonic. With romance, though, I have been cheated on half the times I've dated people, 3 out of 6. I'm not really sure what started it, I think I just date horn-dogs, not sure never asked. I know that my jealousy needs to be worked on. Usually it's all in check for the most part, I just keep it to myself. And I'm willing to "put up" with him for the long stretch because I know he's not doing it. I just have to mentally realize that and stop with the nonesense. Hopefully soon. He has enough on his plate as is. I feel terrible for accusing, I just can't help myself sometimes, it's like word vomit.. I have no control it seems.

Hi Mishy, it's so normal to have these feelings of jealously after what you've been through in your previous relationships [where men cheated on you], though there are good, honest, and trustworthy men out there. It seems that you know that he loves you and you know that he is not cheating on just have to remind yourself of this each and every time that you start to feel jealous. Don't think about the past men you've dated who were not honest, but focus on your wonderful relationship. I know that you will get through this, we are here to support you in any way that we can. Wishing you all of the very best!

What do you mean when you say he thinks you are the better girl?Is there another girl that may be a threat to you? Whan i say this i really dont mean to hurt you feelings but you sound a bit immature i mean you really dont expect him to tell you he loves you all the time it sounds as though you are not sure he loves you and you want him to tell you all the time.It must drive him crazy feeling as though he has to keep saying it all the time.You sound like a lot of work and if you dont grow up and change a little you will drive him away.The fact that you are thinking he might be going to get into somebodys pants tells me you dont trust the guy as it is.Iam sorry you were cheated on you did not deserve that but this guy does not deserve to feel like he is not trusted i feel sorry for the poor guy you really need to build on your self esteem good luck God Bless.

Ouch, angel, way to point out most every worry I have about the relationship and making it that much more real.. thanks for that it really helped.

I don't really know what to say after that bit.. sorry for the rudeness.. do what I can I guess =\

I really did not intend to hurt your feelings i just said what i was feeling about the situation.I wish you all the the best with life and only hope you have lots of peace love and happy times God Bless.

Being jealous is so normal. I wouldn't make a fuss of it unless it happens often. Maybe he was just in a hurry. Sometimes things are what they seem, he's busy? We always tend to over analyze matters of the heart. If you like/love him enough to stay with him, then he deserves the benefit of the doubt in regards to your trust. Don't you think? I mean some guys don't even call!!! It all depends what you want and how much you're willing to put up with. It would be risky to make him say or do things just to ease your mind, that can get a bit demanding and quite frankly annoying. Distance sucks for anyone but do the best you can to be confident your relationship is solid and not question every move he makes.


I agree with is very normal to have jealous feeling arise here and there. As long as they don't get the better of you and your relationship. Trust in him, trust in your love.

Hey Mishy,
You just have to start letting go of those feelings of distrust. He has never done anything to make you question his you have to have faith in him.

He sounds like a good guy, try and sit back and let him show you that he is. This has really nothing to do with him, this is all about retraining yourself to stop seeking out that "instant fix" and release that everything is okay. This is hard work (I know because I am one of those people who seek the instant answer too) but it will be worth it, for both of yer sakes.

Best of look to you.
MG x