Joints worse with heat or weather changes?

I was doing ok with my joint pain until recently it has been hot in California and it seems my joints have been bothering me badly again. My knees are filled with fluid, does this happen to anyone? Mostly right now my fingers are killing me, they feel stiff and hard to bend, but somehow I convince myself bending them helps. Just wanted to see if anyone else notices a difference from the weather changes and how it effects joints? For some reason it still puzzles me that hot weather can work in this way because I know extreme colds do it too.

Hey Ashlie, I wrote about something similar to this this past summer. I live in NC. What I learned was that when the humidity is up and the air pressure drops. You can read about it in these posts below that are on the site here:

I had been experiencing problems some when it was cold. This summer was my first time having problems when it was hot. We had a summer here in NC where the humidity was high alot.

Thanks, I'll check into it. Seems I was doing ok for awhile, then all of a sudden it just got bad, the only logical explanation I had was the weather, lol... though of course being in pain effects my general wellbeing as well. Have a good day, Im new to this site, so I didn't see your post from before :) so thanks for responding

My joints are worse with the cold and weather changes. I can tell it is going to rain before any weather man. Now with fall upon us, I am having more stiffness, mobility issues and pain in my joints. I have osteoarthritis in most of my joints, the worst is my hands and shoulders. Love the new fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm they have helped. Trying lidoderm patches for my shoulders, just started them so not sure yet. Always used the stick on heating pads for my shoulders in the winter otherwise the pain is crazy out of control. Have pain 24/7. Docs are of no help. I wish I could move out west where it is much warmer all the time, so I would feel better. I love summer here, pain is much better the warmer it is.

There's also voltaren gel, I've found that works pretty good for me and it's cheaper than lidoderm patches for the most part and there's a coupon online, my MD gave me samples at first :) yeah the weather changes in general seem to effect my joints the cold lately has made me feel so stiff, I was making angel hair pasta and realized as I broke the pasta that's a good metaphor for how my joints feel as I move, like they are hard and going to snap lol

I have tried the voltaren gel in the past, found that it gave me no relief and I felt that the smell was very bad. And I work with the public so I can not wear anything with an odor or smell due to possible allergies.