Journaling? So I've started keeping a journal. More like


So I've started keeping a journal. More like a log. I try to keep track of, how good my diet was that day, whether I worked out, what my interactions with my wife were like, whether I spent a lot of time dwelling on the past (or things I could not control), whether I did things to accomplish my goals (read more books, spend more time with my daughter, walked the dog regularly), and whether I felt the need to take my anxiety medicine that day.

not sure what I'm gonna do with this info... I just feel like maybe I can establish a relationship between some of these things and whether I struggle with some of my other problems.

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Jamie, Journaling is a great thing. I used to do that often. Also, I used to write letters, that I never sent. Crazy..... but it was a great way for me to get things out in my own way. I would read and reread them. It relaxed me in some ways. Then throw the letters away. Most therapists recommend Journaling to many patients. How do you feel after you write your thoughts down? Less anxiety? Relaxed a bit?


I think it makes me feel like I am doing something constructive and working toward goals. Plus I feel like it makes me a little more accountable to myself for those