Juggling the Numbers

The 'balancing act' with numbers, in terms of weight, calories, amount of exercise, etc., is a very confusing and obsessive aspect of nearly any eating disorder. It nearly drove me insane, quite literally, during the long years of my own illness.
I wanted things to 'balance out'. I wanted symmetry in my life, in ALL areas. I wanted control. None of these desires were truly possible nor rational in order to live life as a human being. Life is imperfect, as each of us are, but that 'need' felt real and very overwhelming.
This speaks directly to the common black/white thinking that many people...

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Are you talking to ME?? ;0)

Yep... Hitting close to home right now. ♥

Love you!


No Jen: She is talking to ME!!! I just read the whole post on your blog, Jan and the desire for predictability and order is me all the way. Thanks for the good read

I'm 'talking' to everyone who chooses to read! We all understand this 'game' that an ED will play in our minds. I was thinking after I posted that also, about how crucial it is to be at YOUR healthy weight in order for these 'games' to quiet down and eventually die out. They do! They did for me. It took that final push to allow my body those few extra pounds, which ended up being the few pounds needed to heal my mind...such relief!
Thanks to you both...HUGS..Jan ♥