Just a cereal bar and tough

Lately - except for saturday night when I had a short 'slip' - I ve been fighting with all my powers ! Eating is the first thing that helped me a lot , therapy makes me see things I miss out the view and the ''homeworks'' and books I must and I do read are also good , you all are very helpful also ! And I try to stay positive and most of the time I succeed BUT ....

when I am ''out of my enviroment'' , or I do smth ''not predicted'' , or I eat smth ''not planned or safe'' .... I freak out soooo **** bad !!

Today I had breakfest like always at 8 am ... at 9 I had such a terrible craving for sweets ... and I took a cereal bar with honey .... it s just soon I started to feel so desperate and guilty ... taht I ate without being a 'must' ... why did I eat it ?!

So ... so easily I satart thinking to accept Ed s help for m y concious .. what matters now ? I ruined my plan anyway .. why shouldnt I make the binge worth and get much more food ?!

I recognise and I stepped back ...

but what I do when he comes back again ? It always starts with a little craving .....

madalina you are doing great you are

as far as cravings go----i think ( and this is important to me) to prevent a binge----LET yourself have what you want or crave in moderation. the more you make forbidden foods that are off limits--your brain immediately wants them...so work some into your meal plan if you can do that... thats what i do. if i crave something --i work it into my MP. cause the more we deny ourselves certain foods the more we want them and then binge off that certain food.

but you know what? ok now you all might not be able to do this--but i think once in a while it is ok to overeat... now i dont know if this will help you--but for me sometimes ill let myself overeat a bit and have fun with food and not count calories---and i like that. this i dont do everyday but only once in a while... i dont know if this would help you at all so if you are not ready for that then dont act upon my advice. do what you feel ready to..what YOU feel safe with....

hope this helped---but you are doing great--really!!!!

make sure you also distract distract distract!!!!!!


Thanks so much Maureen !!

You are so right ..... I know ... I was thinking to add small portion of favourite foods but ... I am too scared of binging on them ... but once in a while having ''treats'' I guess I can do .. actually it s a great idea :-)

Thansk :-D

I can be the first to tell you, that when you deprive yourself from any type of food (or in my case, all food) you want it THAT MUCH MORE. A few weeks ago I thought i binged on grapes....GRAPES? In reality i ate a handful, but to me it was a binge because all food is forbidden to me and they just looked so **** tasty...i had one then felt out of control and unable to stop. But now, I incorporate grapes into every meal so that they arent so tempting to 'binge on'. Grapes are healthy, im not sure what people generally binge on, but if it isnt a healthy choice then obviously i wouldnt incorporate it to every meal but def dont deprive yourself of something.