Just a question to throw out there... Have you had your firs

Just a question to throw out there... Have you had your first love yet? If so, how old were you? How did it go? If you guys broke up, are you over them? Do you ever think about them? Do you believe you can fall in love with someone completely opposite from them? I want to know first love stories please!

This question really takes me back. I almost decided not to answer, but maybe letting is out is better for me. I was 12. I know, you're probably thinking that at that age it wasn't real love but to me it was and to this day it still hurt a bit to think about it. It was really nice and probably the best 2 years I've ever had. What happened that ended our relationship .. I really wouldn't like to talk about it. All I can say is that she left to a place far away. I think about her all the time, but about 9 months ago, I started thinking less about it and moved on with my life. I do believe that everything happens for a reason and maybe there is still someone out there for me, even if the love with her is different from my first love. I hoped I helped

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How old are you now? and Thank you for sharing.
I'm so sorry this is kind of long (for anyone who reads it) I guess I just needed an excuse to get this off my chest...

I experienced my first love when I was in 8th grade, actually we met some days before going back to school from summer 2011, and literally 4 days into the school year he asked me to be his girlfriend, obviously I was young, never really had a boyfriend and to be honest I didn't even like him like that haha! so I said sure why not! I mean I knew we would last only about a month, but flash forward to 8th grade promotion. At that point we had been together for 10 months and that's when I knew I had fallen in love with him. Sadly we went to different high schools because there was a bridge that crossed a freeway which was I guess the cut of for the two high schools in our town (so we did get to hang out on the weekend it wasn't long distance but I mean we were young, no car, and definitely no money to go on badass dates you know?) We began to have a lot of constant arguments and I blame the new change of high schools. We ended up breaking up after being together for a year, and it was really tough... I mean we both ended in bad terms you can say because in the end we kind of hurt each other emotionally... Half way through freshman year he slowly came back into my life because we started talking again, then I found out he was transferring high schools and well he was not going to the same school which was amazing but made things more difficult for me "moving on" wise. I remember he had to come home with me everyday after school because his dad would get out of work late and he didn't have a ride, so imagine how difficult that was! We turned into good friends you can say, one day I seriously straight up went in and kissed him. I just couldn't take it anymore. The moment was just so perfect... funny thing is we actually got back together right after that after almost 10 months of being broken up. Everything after that was great. I felt like things were back to normal. We remained together and strong until the end of sophomore year, this time it really sucked because I felt responsible for the breakup.. It was extremely hard for me. What sucked more is that not even 3 months after he had a new girlfriend which broke my heart because ever since 8th grade year I guess I never pictured him with someone else. A year after the breakup I was happy again and even though I still had feelings for him, I felt as if I had moved on or was at the verge of doing so. I don't even know how but we got back together... again Junior year in January but this time it was only for 3 months. We didn't even break up... he literally stopped talking to me. Not in a rude way as in "don't talk to me" but in a way that we both kind of knew we had given it our best already and we just weren't there for each other anymore, The 3rd and last time around we got back together with our memories... our illusions of eachother, but not because we loved eachother anymore which at that point I did not know. I believed I still loved him, but truth is, I was only in love with the thought of him. I tried so hard because being a girl who wouldn't have loved to be able to say that I got to marry my first love. Let's be honest, we all think we're going to be together for ever. So here I am, almost a year later. I am 18 now and it is senior year. Ever since the break up we have not talked at all (compared to other times we did). It's been almost a year of seeing him around school and not knowing anything about him anymore. One day I was walking from class to the next one and he was walking next to some friends, we made eye contact and passed literally right by each other and when that happened, I don't want to say it hurt, but it just felt weird. People who don't know of us would never think we were ever anything. Can you imagine? Walking by someone who you no longer know, yet billion of memories flash by in that spare second you see them? I can finally say that I am over him. I do not love him anymore, however I do think of him every now and then and wonder how he is. I actually have a boyfriend now of 4 months and I couldn't be happier. I believe even he has a girlfriend now who I know (from a class I had) and I am actually really happy for him because I know she's a nice girl. I'm glad he found someone else, because even though at some point I wished I could make him happy for ever, I just wasn't that girl. I guess the only thing that makes me sad about it and the reason why I still sometimes think a lot about him, is the fact that even though we didn't end in bad terms, we just didn't have a closure. There was no "goodbye" in our relationship. Like I said, we literally just drifted. And even though I am in a relationship now, I still think about him like I said every now and then (not emotionally wise but more of like a "I wonder how he is" kind of thought" and of course we did so many things together there's always that one thing that flashes a memory by. I honestly feel like I am falling in love again, which is scary because I never thought you could love someone else after having your first love. He truly makes me happy and everything is so different from my past relationship.

Any thoughts guys? I mean I know you never really get over your first love, but is that true? I mean I do agree that you will never forget them and that if things were good, you will always have a part for them in your heart, however is that bad? I mean, for your next relationship? Is it okay to feel sometimes like you miss them (not as a boyfriend/girlfriend) but still miss them?

Its ok I think. Oh and btw I'm 16 now. I think that you really don't get over your first live but thats life. Even if you still somehow miss it, you have to move on. Don't feel insecure. Its only a part of life.

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Thanks for that @white_black411 I really hope one day you find someone who will love you as much as you love them.