Just a quick question. I've been allergic to pears, pineapp

Just a quick question. I've been allergic to pears, pineapples & coconuts since before I can remember. I used to eat shrimp all the time & then all of the sudden 6 years ago I became allergic to that. & about a year or so ago I found out I can't DRINK regular milk, has to be lactose free, but I can cook with it & put it in cereal & other stuff, just can't drink it. The other weird thing is that I can eat regular cheese, yogurt & sour cream. Is that just me or are there other people out there that can't drink regular milk, but every other lactose stuff is fine?

I think it's so weird how our bodies change over time. It has taken 34 years for me to find out that I have allergies. Once upon a time I was able to eat any and everything in abundance until recently having some allergy testing done due to a severe sinus infection. I found out that I'm allergic to apples, bananas, cantoulpe, cows milk, eggs, fish mix (cod, salmon, etc.), wheat, whole grain, and soybean. I am baffled by these because I never knew that you could later become allergic to things. If I attempt to eat these things now I'm in a world of trouble. I haven't even attempted to drink cows milk in a while...I can't stomach the taste but I have tried ice cream and that gives me terrible stomach cramps. Cheeses, sour cream, and yogurts seem to be fine. I'm actually trying to eliminate all animal and animal byproducts though in my attempt to go Vegan. I wish you the best in finding what works for you.

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Hi, We have something in common. I am also allergic to shrimp, and milk among other things. I now eat my cereal dry. I can also eat regular cheese for some reason. It is very weird to me that it is a form of dairy and yet I can consume that and not actual milk or cream... it is so bizarre. I just posted my comments outlining my allergies... but it sometimes feels good to know other people out there have this in common...