Just a thought

I recently heard an interesting suggestion, that got me thinking. It raised a paradox in my mind about creating new discussions here? Oh dear? Now what I going to do? Actually I think what they were saying was with regard to the context of a situation. So I guess I can pass along tings I've heard, that I think other people might like or find helpful. The suggestion was: Avoid offering unsolicited advice.

when I post something here, it's not directed to any one particular person. And of course there is always the option I've tried to point out often, that being: Take what you want and leave the rest. Or if you don't like whats on TV change the channel.

I suppose it's me who is taking it out of context, and thinking about applying it where it wasn't intended.

I think this whole post is Prolly what I have heard called
mental masturbation. Or messing with my own head when it isn't really necessary. But I had to post Something. I guess next time I should prolly post something of relevant value.

peace Out

I'll try.....but dont think any of us would be here though hummmmm

Hmmm.. Yes thats probably quite true. And you dont have to try. I like your advice.

Did you get my note to Tammy?