Just another Binger trying to recover

Just another Binger trying to recover.

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Hi LollyNews, is this a new post or topic from you? Regardless, how is it going? How are you dealing with the COVID stuff? I'm getting discouraged, impatient, a little afraid, sad, and I suppose I'm pouting. I'm overeating, some of the eating is bingeing, mostly overeating. Is there a difference? Anyway, how are you feeling? Like my emotions, my appetite swings wildly up and down. I know this group is for BED, but sometimes I purge. I haven't done that for 3 weeks, but I haven't yet made it a full day without BED. I can't remember the last time I made it a day without BED, that includes when I was on a diet. I would skip meals all day then pack in all the calories at once, until my tummy was overfull. I still lost a lot of weight, but never overcame the bingeing side of my eating. So, in light of that I really don't have any idea how long it has been since I've gone a day without bingeing. If you don't mind talking about it, how are you doing with the bingeing? What helps you refrain from bingeing?

@GentleSoul Well I started reading a book about mindful eating and ever since then, I noticed that I always eat too much. And it’s frustrating. I knew I was a binger before but I thought I was better now. I think over eating is like binging but Did I over eat one piece of bread or 10?