Just binged, but am trying not to let guilt consume me

Just binged, but am trying not to let guilt consume me.

I know it's hard. However keep trying. You never know which binge will be the last one.

I ended of having more than I had hoped for dinner, but tomorrow is a brand new day to make healthier choices. You're only human, things come up and you're (we all are here on this page) still learning to deal with situations when they come up. It's a learning process, there may be some trial and error and slips, just know we all go through that!

@Etorr Thank you so much for what you written. I find it very helpful. I have the same issue here. I don’t binge, but tend to overeat from times to times and it is extremely hard to deal with failures and slips back. I am full of extremely bad feelings right now, as I overate and I try to deal with them the best I can. However, as you said, we are all human beings, who are controversial in their nature. We can try our best, but still be unable to perform something perfectly. And its’ ok. We are not meant to be perfect, nor we should try to be perfect. As you said, recovery is a learning process and it’s important to accept all slips and successes and just move forward. Thank you.

Exactly!! I ended up eating a little more than I normally would these last few days. I felt bad and guilty, moving past it isn't easy, but we all just have to keep moving forward. Just taking in one hour at a time. Little by little we will learn the tools to get through it, we will learn what works for us and helps and what doesn't. A slip doesn't mean failure or the be all end all, it's our chance to grow. To take that experience and learn from it, give us some insight as to what may be bothering us that led to the slip and recognize changes that we need to make it our lives! For example, I have been noticing that I tend to overeat after work, because I don't enjoy my job, its stressful, long and I am not treated well. I have been using food as a coping mechanism for that to the point where I no longer noticed that I was using the food to self medicate. Through my slips, I'm starting to recognize that work is a huge trigger and that I need to start re-evaluated my career choices.