Just came from docs visit

Soooooo, here's a rhm update. I went to my doc to ask about my headaches and lost off vision. i told her that I thought they were occuring due to fibro flares. However she said not likely. Upon looking she said that its not my blood pressure. When I told her I was doing reseach on the internet she said that I shouldnt go by that. I really think its from my fibro. She think that it may be because i told her that I havent taken the amitriptyline that she presrcibed in a few weeks. But really I havent been taken it. Im on alot already. Question: is anyone else out there taking lidocaine and prilocaine cream?

Maybe time to find a new doc Chantae? Ive never heard of lidocaine or prilocaine cream. What is it?

What concerns me is that your doc told you not to go by what you find on the internet. She should be okay with you taking an interest in your health and want to know what you think is wrong.

I agree with you Fox...Hey Tael...I take amatriptyline...It does help me sleep at night....but that is about it!

I think a good/concerned doc will say you know your body best, eh?

Dont get me wrong. I love love love my doc. She is usually very helpful. And not everything on the internet do I read or believe. I think shes trying help but I dont think i need to go to a (i cant spell it) doc that looks at your brain.I have been having headaches like these for years. The cream is to numb the loints and tender points in my body.

Maybe she mentioned a neurologist?

thats it! I told you I cant spell, lol.

Oh, Ok. My doc is a neurologist. He's done the surgery's on my hand and shoulder too. Also the one who I go see next month about a fibro treatment plan.