Just celebrated my four year anniversary with my boyfriend I

Just celebrated my four year anniversary with my boyfriend I love him but I'm scared that he'll leave me I have a terrible picking problem that I hide from him and my family it's brought in by my severe anxiety and i often stay up all night just picking at myself

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@AndyP95 I hoped you're having therapy for your anxiety, skin picking, and insomonia. You do know you will eventually have to tell him about your mental health issues? It's been 4 yearrs, I belueved in honesty in any relationship..... What if he found out, from some one else? "The truth always comes out in the light" ..... You loved him, and I hoped he loves you. Regardless of your health issues, you are a beautiful person, inside, and out....Believe in yourself! Be strong the best is yet, to followed..... SG friends are here, to support, and be supported.

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I have gone to therapy but didn't like it too much and i also agree with you about honesty he does know that I struggle with anxiety and i pick but he just doesn't know the severity of it it's just kind of embarrassing

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Sometimes therapists are not a good match. Try to get another therapist. Talk to your regular doctor too, incase there is some kind of medication he wants you to be on. Try to be honest with your boyfriend even though it is hard. Tell him your anxiety is getting worse and you have been picking more but that you are looking into therapy or meds to help stop it. As long as he knows you are working on it, I am sure he will support you in getting better. And you WILL get better! Her has been with you 4 years.... he knows about your picking. Is there something happening recently that is causing you more anxiety lately?

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Yes I recently quit my job and I'm home a lot more and he got a new job and I don't get to see him as much I think that's what triggered it

Yes, that can be stressful. Can you try to occupy your time doing some things maybe around the house like reorganizing, crafting, etc. Something to keep yourself busy? And maybe you can text him at work so you still have that connection with him. Sorry, I don't know much about picking or what causes it. I think it's a response to stress though. Try doing some fun things and meet up with friends for lunch, work on the garden, etc. Something to fill up your day! :)