Just completely lost

just been diagnosed with bipolar 1, most days i feel pretty depressed , but have manic episodes as well, just ewent trhough one. feel suicidal often been on many drugs non have worked so far. i also self harm. feel llike my life is out of control.

It's ok, we all have days where we feel alone and broken, but being diagnosed is fantastic and is the first step to a fantastic future, now you know the problem, you can start with the solution.

I am so sad to hear that you are having suicidal thoughts. Are you seeing a therapist? I have suffered myself and it's not until I finally started seeing a therapist that things started getting a little better, and you start breaking down the mounting issues.

Have you started taking medication? You are on the right path, just stay strong and come here for support, we are here for you anytime.

Love to you
Moongal x

You aren't alone although you may feel that way. I was diagnosed with bipolar several years ago. I'm not sure if I felt relieved or worried, but that's what my psychiatrist said. I was put on 2 types of medication, Zoloft and Lamictal. I had taken Zoloft in the past and it helped me through a difficult time in my life, but the second time around, I didn't respond at all to either of the meds. My depression was so severe (at least in my head) that nothing was going to make me feel better. Looking back, it wasn't true but I can't make you understand or believe that when you're in it now. I can relate to your suicidal thoughts. I felt that if my life consisted of being as miserable as I was, what was the point of sticking it out? It's so hard to snap out of that bubble once you're in it, but trust me you can. You need to focus on taking care of one thing at a time. I really hope you don't harm yourself. You can get through this, just don't give up!

Please stay strong and always here to listen,

Hey, I was just diagnosed with Bipolar II less than a yr ago so I have lots of depressive episodes, and no mania; just occasional hypomania. They changed my meds at least 9 times and altho it was hell, I feel more stable now on Depakote and Klonipin altho due to life stressors right now, I'm feeling quite depressed. I'm still coming to terms with it all and feel like I have no friends b/c I quit drinking and have no one to identify with. I feel like I want to die but don't want to kill myself. I am in therapy and can't wait to see my therapist today. Keep moving fwd with therapy and meds; it's not an easy path but worth it to feel stable. I haven't cut myself in almost a year! It does get better.

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