Just couldn't sleep last night. Finally drifted off around 3

Just couldn't sleep last night. Finally drifted off around 3...had a dream about her...not a bad dream....just we were together in it. I woke up at 4 am then got off the couch and went into the bed room to tell her about the dream....then I remember that she isn't here anymore....crap

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Sorry Kevin that this happened to you but remember it is going to take some time.

Kevin, I am so sorry I know what those type of dreams are like.

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@Blondie16 I just miss her so much…going through spurts of time where I feel better and then days where I would give anything to hold her in my arms…its one of those days…I fricken miss her

I totally get that, I am dealing with a recent unexpected loss of someone who promised to be with me and then up and stops all communication

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@Blondie16 I know exactly what you mean. When we first started up after my divorce I told her how I had been hurt but when we fell in love she promised we would be together forever. That she would never hurt me the way my ex-wife hurt me. Then right out of the blue zero contact. No calls. Wont see me in person. The day she left we got up like everything was fine. Then when I was gone she took off. And now zero contact of any kind. Its been almost a month…a very rough month…

that is when you must consciously turn your mind to other things, remember not to worry about that which you cannot change, and look forward, never back. this is part of the healing process. you will get through it.

I just don't get how people can just shut off like that. He's not concern about me sn I've started to **** down emotional only put on a good positive attitude at work

@Blondie16 I can’t even do it for work. I’ve broken down in my boss’ office. I don’t care who sees me. That’s how much this has hurt me