Just diagnosed


I'm new to this forum and indeed to eating disorders all together. I've known for years that I have an unhealthy relationship with food, but yesterday that was made official. I had a clinical assessment and apparently I have an ED with elements of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating.

Most of me does not even feel that this is true, I dont look like I have an eating disorder, and for this reason it feels ridiculous.

Tbh, I feel completely overwhelmed by all of this! So any advice would be greatly appreciated.



I understand how your feeling. I had those exact feelings for a long time.I didnt LOOK like I had an ED so I thought.But I did not look healthy and if its not showing now if you continue down that path it will start to show over time.
Just getting yourself to the assessment tells me YOU do believe that there is a problem.
You have found a great support site here you will find it a safe place to share. Does that mean you will be refered for treatment?
Everyone here are very understanding..so please continue to share.

Hey Rhianne,
Welcome! I understand how overwhelming it can be to find out you have an ED. I remember that feeling when I found out I had an eating disorder...it came as no shock that my relationship with food was somewhat ridiculous...but an ED, that was something else.

But don't worry we are here to help.

Are you getting therapy for this, that would be my first piece of advice. Get therapy for it...it is so important that you are talking with a professional about this, as they can point in the right direction and bring some clarity as to why you have trouble with food.

Also journally your thoughts helps. Writting down all your feelings, even if just ramblings, really do help as they can highlight your emotions with regard to food.

Also do you have someone who can support you? Family or friend who will try to understand? They can be great and take a load off you. If you want to tell someone give them as much information as possible about the illness so they can understand and then let them ask you questions or talk to them about it.

Keep coming back here for support, we are all here for you and understand. And you are now on the road to recovery.

Best Wishes and Much love to you
Moongal x

Thank you so much for this! Just hearing that someone else is experiencing or has experienced the same stuff makes me feel way less alone and also makes the whole thing a bit more real; which it hasnt really been so far.

I am going into therapy. Its funny you say that about the journalling, it was one of the first things I did after the assessment. I do have some fantastic friends but its not really something I'm ready to open up to with them just yet, and needed to get my thoughts out on paper if nothing else.

I do have one further question if you dont mind. Do you feel like when you told those close to you that it changed the dynamic of your relationships? In most of my friendships I am the strong, confident shoulder to lean on. The one they go to for advice and support. I'm scared they'll see me differently if I show them this weaker, fallible side which I've always help hidden.

Thank you both again for your help


Hey Rhianne,
It depends on who you tell and how you tell them. My mam is really the one who knows and sees the whole awful truth of this, because she sees me everyday...during the lows and highs.
I have explained to some friends how I am depressed and mentioned that I have problems with food, but because BED isn't that publicised I haven't mentioned much about it and it's it difficult to understand.
I have said though that is a reason that i haven't been such a great friend to them as of late, but I am working on it. (My ED and depression has caused me to kind of socially isolate myself)

I think if you are the shoulder to lean on then coming and telling the truth to those you are close to could be inspiring...it's not a sign of weakness that you have to deal with this, I see it is as a sign of strength.

i do understand you not being ready to open up yet to them, and you may only pick the one that is closest to, or just stick with a family member or with your therapist. I'm so glad to hear you are getting help, I spent so long trying to battle alone...it got me nowhere...now I realise the difference health care workers can provide.

You are more than welcome to ask me any questions you like any time. I wish you the best in your journey of recovery.

Much love to you
MG x

Hi Rianne : Welcome to the site! I will tell you from my own experience,I just could not tell those close to me at first about my ED. But I shared on this site and got wonderful support from these wonderful people and it helped me so much I eventually made the decision to go into therapy and to tell a couple of very close friends
So if you are fearful of sharing with your friends right now, keep sharing with us. You will get great advice and support from people who know exactly how you feel.
Love to you!

rhianne...welcome! It's good to see you sharing. I hope you can see that you are not alone, and that others here understand. I too, first thought, that if you went for an assessment, you most likely suspected that you have an eating disorder. I do understand though, that it's still a confusing issue to deal with. Perhaps you thought the assessment would prove otherwise?
I'm happy for you that you plan to get help. It's critical if you want to be free of this!
I think it's impossible to predict how someone will react if you choose to share with them about this. Many people can't understand, simply because they have not been through it. But a support 'team' made up of people who care about you can be critical for your recovery. You mentioned that you have often been the 'go to' person among your friends. I can relate to that, as others probably can also. I think many people who suffer from an eating disorder are use to helping others much more than helping themselves. I have learned that while that's a good quality, as far as being a good listener, putting others before YOU can play right into not taking care of yourself. It could be very beneficial for you to tell certain people in your life about the eating disorder, and also share with them how they can be a support to you. Good practice for you! I hope things begin to get better soon....take care...Jan ♥


thank you so much for your kind words =] x x x



I don't have anything to add to the great support you've already received. ♥ I just want to say hello and welcome you to Support Groups. :)

I hope to hear more from you. Keep writing! And take care. ♥


When diagnosed it becomes more complicated because now you know it is true and not somethin that you can hide from anymore. it becomes reality and for those with eds it is hard to have to deal with the truth because we tell ourselves that nothing is wrong with us. Its awesome that u were willing enough to even get tested thats a HUGE step toward recovery=]