Just feeling down. I hate when my mind goes back to people t

Just feeling down. I hate when my mind goes back to people that have forgotten me

Hello I feel down a lot too anything you'd like to talk about get it off your chest

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Nice to have someone that gets how I feel I just haven't been able to understand how someone can just disappear out of your life when a day earlier they claim they long lasting love

Hi Blondie16,
Yes, this happens to me at times (or something similar). Each time they enter my mind and I feel down, I reflect on why I let them in into my life, our relationship, what I gave, what they took, what went wrong (if indeed anything went wrong). Truth be told several very significant people walked out of my life simply because of their (delusional issues) with another relative of mine. I mattered so little to them they didn't think twice about keeping me in their life when keeping in touch with me might an inconvenience. It was one of the most bizarre and hurtful experiences of my life. That being said, when I reflect on the aforementioned questions, I gain much better clarity on the nature of my relationship with them and all of the drama that was a constant in their lives. I'm not perfect (I can look back and see where I took them for granted a lot as well). As much as it hurt (and it still does), I actually think it's for the best. God sometimes knows what is best for us even when we feel like it's the complete opposite of what is best for us. Or, if you don't believe in God, sometimes we make choices, small little choices--hundreds of them, thousands . . . maybe even millions--that set in motion consequences sometimes years or decades in the making . . . And those tiny little choices are like a small army of what we truly want . . . a truer voice for our desires or who we are than even our one regular every day conscious voice, and so, the consequences of those actions might appear painful and unforeseen, but really, they could be just what we've set up for ourselves, and maybe they're making room for people or space, or events that better suit who we are . . . Not better in general, but better for who we have chosen to be. And if when we reflect on our choices and the past and we realize some of those tiny little choices were mistakes or not what our tiny little choices are today, we have to make major changes from within and perhaps mourn the loss of what could have been . . . but even with that situation we have at least gained awareness of what we are truly looking for.
Please forgive me as I project my own situations on to yours . . .
But, yeah, I think I get what you are saying and I try nowadays to turn those rumination into constructive reflection . . . It has taken me a while to get that point though.
What I really should say is, Blondie16, I'm sorry this has happened to you and that you are hurting from this experience. I really am. It does help to talk with people about it though, doesn't it? And to find that we are not the only ones things like this happens to. It makes the experience less bewildering for me. . . .