Just finding out my wife has been diagnosed as bipolar type

Just finding out my wife has been diagnosed as bipolar type 2. She is still in the the acute care unit of a hospital. Things kinda unfolded. Looking to understand it better and find out how to be supportive in any way I can.

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That is good because the more you know the better you can relate to her I joined a support group and others share their experience and give support its great to meet find out about the NAMI group I your area they also meet with the family and person with bipolar so she can hear from others diagnosed with bipolar too. Hang in there you are not alone I know it's all new and overwhelming.

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Hi @mjk and welcome to the Bipolar group. I am attaching some links that you may find useful. I am glad you found us!




Thank you for the info. Trying to learn more about it and the linkage with infidelity. Unfortunately that is how we found out about my wife having this. That and he suicidal thoughts/plans. Looking to learn as much as I can. Thanks again.

Infidelity is a very common symptom during a manic period. When people are manic they can feel like the grand poohbah and that there are no consequences. It's very painful for everyone involved. Thank goodness I missed out on that one but I wish I had gotten the bathroom cleaning compulsion. I think the most important thing is to keep your sense of humour. It's a serious disease and you're in for quite a rollercoaster ride. I've followed you so you can message me back if you have any questions or just want to chat. You could talk with my husband too. He's been a wonderful support

By the way I don't know if they told you but bipolar 2 is the less severe type. At least some good news

Thank you. Learning about mania. Hard for someone who does not have this to comprehend. Especially with a wife who has been so loyal. You would never in a million years think she would cheat, but unfortunately combined with alcohol, low self esteem, insecurity, and what appears to be mania, here we are. She is currently in an acute care center. Her world came crashing down when I found out and the reality of everything is crashing down on her. My initial reaction was of any husband who was shocked. It has been two months and her doctor initially put her on anti-depressants, which made her more suicidal. I think that and the realization of everything that has happened is hitting her. I of course did not help as I was destroyed and acted like on spouse who was cheated on. I am taking a different approach and putting my emotions to the side, being supportive, and trying to learn more about this. I am 99% that the reason is due to mania the more I read. There is no other logical reason and it was such a meaningless act vs. the typical affair. Thank you for the support.

Yes. It is almost always meaningless. Often the woman can't even tell you who she slept with. It can be a releasing of inhibitions and can include drugs and alcohol. A diagnosis of BP can include only one manic episode. It varies all over the place. Most of us spend a good amount of the time in depression. We all wish for Christmas some time in neutral where it is possible to experience happiness. Some drugs prescribed for depression can actually make bp worse

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