Just found the site and my arthritis is at all time high in

Just found the site and my arthritis is at all time high in pain. What do people say or get for support with this condition

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Welcome! Have you spoken with a doctor yet? What have you told them?

Hi F4upain (lol, the username says it all) ;-) Welcome to the group! What kind of arthritis do you have? How long have you been diagnosed? Often adding those details helps people who have similar conditions relate to what you're going through. It certainly sounds like you're going through a flare up, I'm so sorry for your pain.

Doctors have told me I have had the arthritis just not what kind. My back,knees and hands.

OA started in my body at 18 and I'm 77, lotta years of dealing with this stuff. I use a lot of supps and Ibuprofen, 4 per day, DGL to protect stomach...

I have been using MSM powder for many years . For Pain. It helps reduce pain. 1 tsp in distilled water 3 times per day.

Lately, I've renewed my interest in Tea Tree Oil...mix it in other carriers and other topicals and finding tea tree oil helps with arthritis pain too. There is lots of info on both these for pain.

Glucosomine chondrotin helps and I take it daily to help save myself.