Just frustrated from going in the same circles every day. My

Just frustrated from going in the same circles every day. My dad calls me from across the state that he needs help, my mom is freaking out but seems to calm down for anyone but him, it literally takes me almost 3 hours to get there, so that's not an option, I'm already going over twice in a week to help. I have a home and a family who needs me also. He can't take care of her anymore, it's just too much, but he refuses to put her in a home. Home health care help will only be a few days a week, and as soon as they leave, she will freak out again. Am I a horrible person for not wanting to pack up and leave my kids and move clear across the state??? I am literally doing everything I possibly can and it's just not enough. I have found a few cute places they could rent here, so in the mean time we could sell their house in the event we need to move mom to a memory care facility, and here she would have all of us to visit etc. There, she will have no one but my dad, and what if something happens to him. This is literally killing me.

It sounds like it would make more sense for them to move close to you but you would have to sell your dad on the idea so start planning and prepare a pitch if you decide to present it to him that is. If he needs help he's goung to have to meet you half way, them move there by you and your family can help. You can't do it all..right? That seems like a fair and sensible plan. I think if you present it to your dad in a way that everyone including him works together then everyone will benefit and not just one person or family sacrificing it will be hard for him to refuse.

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@Littleturtle1000 I’m working on him. He’s so stuck on staying in their house, they’ve been there over 25 years or so. I know it’s overwhelming to think of a big move like that. Hopefully he will see that this would be a good thing. Thanks for the encouragement!