Just know when I think of you I just want to drink...you kil

Just know when I think of you I just want to drink...you killed a big part of me and now something else has come to stay...@$!# you.

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Looks like you're having a crappy morning. Here if you wanna talk.

@AnonymousMess sure am, 2:53am and I feel like drinking


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@hellokitty1006 hey, what’s going on?

I hope you are feeling better and I hope you are having a better day

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@Cute but psycho I am a bit better thank you. How are you?

I'm doing ehh I guess just trying to stay positive and keepy head up just on a rollercoaster but that's life

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@Cute but psycho very true, well if you want to talk about things i’m here for you

Thank you so much just going through a lot lately

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@Cute but psycho want to talk about it?

Thank you and I keep her close to my heart he is like asking me how the baby and I am doing but doesn't come to my appointments or anything

@Cute but psycho you should tell him to come more

He don't listen

@Cute but psycho well your going to have to sit him down like if he was a child (call it practice) and talk to him

I wish I could I wish he lived here

@Cute but psycho so it’s a long distance relationship?

Yea he lives 45 miles away

@Cute but psycho he doesn’t drive?

He does drive he just is insecure and distant