Just once

Just once
Just once please

Can something go right for me
I hate this
I hate feeling like this

You dont understand how much
It hurts
When you say the words you say

Your fat
Your ugly
Your stupid

It doesnt matter if you dont mean for me to get hurt

Brother it still fucking hurts
It echos in my mind all day

I curse at myself for not being good enough for you
Your ashamed of me
I can see it

I hear it through everything you say

Just once can something go right for me
I beg of you please

I cant live this way anymore

im so sorry it hurt so much:( people are cruel and you deserve so much better. dont let the opinions of others determine your self worth! you are so much more than what they say!
Pugs & Kisses

Honestly, if you can, I recommend getting away from people like that. If someone's saying things like "you're ugly" and claiming they don't actually mean to hurt your feelings, they're either lying, or have an incredibly unhealthy understanding of basic human emotions. Either way, best to avoid such people if you can.

agree with northguy. i had people like that around me, and they always insulted me and then claimed to be joking or mean nor harm. i have distanced myself from them and have been MUCH happier. good luck!
Pugs & Kisses

Yea I cant get away from him. He is my half brother and lives with me so I have to face this everyday.

Sorry to hear that. Then let me just say this, "I curse at myself for not being good enough for you"

It's the other way around. Family should watch out for each other no matter what. If he hurts you like this, then he's the one who's not good enough.