Just out of Treatment

Well I am home after 3 1/2 weeks at Renfrew. Insurance cut out so I had to come home. It broke the cycle so that is good. Doing well. I've been symptom free since may 19. :) Still a lot to work on.

Welcome home, Laubl! ♥ I hope you are feeling better. :) Congrats on your treatment, even though it had to be cut short. I'm sure you learned some wonderful skills. :) Yay for being symptom-free.



laubl...congrats on breaking the cycle, and leaving those symptoms behind! I hope you carry your 'toolbox' around with you and focus on the moment if you can. Do you have aftercare set up? Please keep writing and let us all know how we can best support you....HUGS...Jan ♥

So far so good. Strong urges after lunch today but I made it through. I have my out patient team that I am going back to. Best support is just to listen and reply when ED starts his torment.

Take it a moment at a time...each fight will strengthen you for the next one! Thinking of you today!! Jan ♥

laubl, so nice to read! hope every day gets better and easier!