Just recently I woke up with a terrible headache, a high fev

Just recently I woke up with a terrible headache, a high fever and kept switching between hot flashes and the chills. Finally my temp went down and I thought I was getting better. I woke up feeling a strange rawness or tightness in my vagina. When I looked I had about three red dots on either side of my vaginal opening. I immediately went to my doctor who told me it could be herpes. He took my blood and I am supposed to find out the results tomorrow. I am so scared. Everything I've read online basically makes me feel like my life is over. I haven't had sex in over three years. Is it even possible for my first outbreak to take this long to occur??

Hello. Im.sorry you are now dealing with this. Yes it is possible the virus has lay dormant all this time and has happened to many people. There is no need to think your life is over. Why should it be? Its manageable. Its not terminal. You can still have a relationship and kids if thats what you want. Its a hard thing to deal with at first but it gets better. Learn about it, stay healthy and you can move forward with a normal life.

I just can't imagine finding someone who would want to be with me after this. Who would willingly get this virus for me? And kids? I'm terrified I would infect them.

@Couragedearheart remember many pple have this virus and are in relationships with kids. Transmission from women to men is lower. I have met two guys who were ok with it and know several others who think its no big deal.

Unfortunately it can be dormant for many years I'm forty just had my first outbreak two days ago make matters worse was just married 9 days ago and it had turned our world upside down I've been crying depressed he's afraid to kiss me let alone touch me I'm absolutely scared and devastated he's being tested thurs and out kills me that he says well maybe I'll test positive and we'll be good our of I'm negative idk what I'll do with that wtf I'm crushed supposed to be my biggest supporter now I have to worry about my relationship being ripped from me? I have NEVER cheated been nothing but faithful so lost so if you do have it I'm here for you