Just saying Hello and sending love!

Hello all!

Been a while since ive been on this site at all. Last time i was on was just after i returned from my trip to Oz, back in the beggining of September.

Though i've kept away for my own reasons i still hold this place and the people ive met here close to my heart and i just wanted to pop in and say Hello and send you all my love.

Many of us here have our own struggles and day to day battles to face so i just wanted to send all my love and wish you all strength as you keep fighting everyday towards something better.

Brief update: Generally Ive been doing pretty well since i got back from Oz. I have had a couple of rocky moments (like everyone has to face in this life) but ive held on pretty ok and im still going.
On the ED front, well this is always a difficult time of year for me, but i am holding on to all ive learned over this long recovery period and i am clinging on to whatever clarity and calmness i came to over my travel this summer, from which i draw strength to keep going.

Thats about it from me.

I send you ALL my love, those i have known and to those i have not known here.

and please remember. There is always light, and there is always the possibility of a good life no matter how dark things may sometimes seem and feel.

Lots of Love and smiles

love you andrea--today my b-day! hehehe i dont knwo why im going around telling everyone! ha....ha ha


Happy Birthday Maureen!!! Hope you are well sweety!



Oh, so good to see you, friend! I've MISSED you!! ♥ I'm glad you're doing well (I hope...). It sounds like your trip was a success. ♥

Thinking about you! Sending HUGS! :)




Ive missed you too! Yes i've been doing pretty well :) and from what i fead, you've been doing great too! I'm so happy for you!

Take Care sweety