Just so sad

i am 26 and have a 2yr old son. My husband and i have been trying to get pregos for the past 15 months and test show i have no issues and we dont have the insurance to see if it may be my husband that could be having problems. It only took us 2 months for us to get pregos with our son. I am getting to the point that i just may have to be ok with the wonderful son i have and count my blessings yet i want one more and am not ready to give that up just yet. My husband says quit stressing over it but how do you not stress about something you want so much and thought you would have by now? I cry every time i get my period all without my husband knowing. I dont think they know how much this is upsetting me. i am sick of people saying when the times right it will happen, not to mention friends and family that say so whens the next one coming? Soon the time wont be right for me. That saddens me. everyday gets easier with my son as he gets older and we are able to do more and more as he gets older and to throw a baby in the mix 1 or 2 years from now will be hard. Maybe i am being selfish?

I can understand your frustration. I don't know about your financial situation but one of the easiest tests for men is sperm analysis and they are not too expensive. That will tell you quickly about the quantity and quality of his sperm.

Looks like you are doing the right thing with focusing on your son, they are amazing. Good luck.