Just started ecg treatment I am a survivor of prostate cance

just started ecg treatment I am a survivor of prostate cancer, anyone out there have this form of treatment? will be getting number 3 I was diagnosed at Mayo Clinic with superficial bladder cancer.

I had like two survivors of prostate cancer at my work, they have to have regular check up, in the beginning a lot and then later every half a year. It never seizes to shock me when someone gets cancer, i feel very sorry for you and hope you recover soon. I hope your ecg comes out well, i was rather surprised they do heart checks on someone who has had prostate cancer. I thought they were two different things.

sorry my error please let me explain...I am a prostate cancer survivor for over 15 years was recently diagnosed with superficial bladder cancer and being treated with BCG .Excuse my mistake,..So the question I have is to those who have had this type cancer results they have found...

thank you