Just thinking and I realized sometimes a narc's parents (par

Just thinking and I realized sometimes a narc's parents (particularly their mom if your narc is male) can be their biggest ego strokers next to their sig other. They take care of them, spoil them, always take their side etc. For example my exes mom thought his behavior was laughable and cute because it reminded her of his father. I remember he was on the phone with her and I was there and she told him to tell me that he was bi polar, then I didn't take her serious cause she said it jokingly but now I see she was dead serious. Also his mom spoiled him beyond belief. He was upset because he wasn't gonna have the money to buy a new Xbox so what did his mom do? Go buy him one for Christmas. He stopped working because he felt like he didn't need a job so his mom put money is his account once a month to live on. We constantly go back and forth about our differing ideologies, I came from a home where my parents made me work for everything I wanted, I've had a job ever since I was 16 I'm now 20. He came from a household where everything was given to him and his parents didn't want him working and the jobs he did have he never stayed long and would eventually quit and just go back to living off of mommy. When he called her to complain about something she always took his side and never cared about the situation as whole she just assumed he was right. I'm assuming he also filled her head with lies that I'm crazy.All of this ego stroking by his mom gave him that sense of entitlement. Granite he's a big mommas buy so he'd never treat her terribly but I just feel like his parents are so blind to the monster they've created from his father's narcissism to his mother putting him on a pedestal

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I can see that, my Grandmother always made the peace and gave him money and made sure my father's ego was stroked, on the other hand, I wonder as a mother if they were simply doing what they felt was best and needed, so hard!

Yes- My xnarcs mom stroked his ego all to well- found him his job- let's him live in the house with her and his dad- treats him like a baby! ughhh