Just told a bi friend about my ocd and how i feel about all Just told a bi friend about my ocd and how i feel about all

Just told a bi friend about my ocd and how i feel about all of this and they had told me i was just in denial. Fearing for what i am and clinging to this hocd. Ive always been ocd. Can anyone help?

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Love for someone to message me this is getting out of hand and depression is becoming too strong. What is all of this.

@Ronbanks26 If you tell people how you feel they may misunderstand. Because they dont know exactly what you are going through. If you have OCD is a worrying situation you are dealing with not sexual.

Obviously he would say that..he is watching ur situation by his perspective and comparing it with what he went through...but they know they are gay/bi since they were very young..like when they were kids, they know they are attracted to the same sex/ both sex equally if they are bi...u should have asked him how he discovered he was bi and u would have got ur answer..they dont wake up one day and start worrying that the sexual orientation they associated themselves to be has changed suddenly and they went from being straight to bi in a day and had severe anxiety about it and questioned themselves constantly..they just know it deep down who they are...anyway u dont need to tell anyone about this apart from ur therapist, bcoz ppl are ignorant about this type of ocd and understandably so..and don't seek reassurance

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Yeah, i also think you made a mistake in explaining it. "I am afraid i am turning gay, and i have to think about it all the time, what scares me" is too little information to go on, for someone looking in from the outside.

However, it is not about that, if you talked to him, to get confirmation that you are not turning gay or whatever, then you asked for the wrong reasons. You should not seek reassurance

You have to understand that what you feel is not normal. Your Bi friend is bi because that is what is normal to them. There is nothing wrong with being gay, straight or bi, they are all the same in the sense that they are derivative of whom you are. Contextually what I mean is that because you told your bi friend about your hocd it makes you especially antsy in regards to ones sexual orientation. For example say you told a close friend who is straight and they replied,"you're in denial" you might not have had they same response (or maybe you might). The point is that you are you and literally nothing can change that which I guess is why hocd is so painful.

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