Just want her back. Wish I could meet a new friend to text w

just want her back. Wish I could meet a new friend to text whenever I am hurting or whatever. Yet I go no where where I am able to find new friends. I just get dirty looks for being so young and having two kids with two guys and being married. No one takes the chance to get to know me. Except the me I hide behind online because no one see's the real me.

U can talk to me I'm 16 btw

@Jennabutterfly16 thank you. I am 24 but my family says I act about 30 since I had my first daughter at 17. Had a recent fall out with my last friend and I am not lying when I say she was the only friend I had. All over money. Wish it got easier. They say as we get older we meet new people and gain new friends but I just seem to loose the ones I had and find no new ones

I'm told I look like I'm in college and ik how u feel with friends I mainly have 1 true friend...but she lies about her family...

No prob btw

Have you tried joining different groups to meet new people with the same interests as you? Book clubs, art classes, etc.? Maybe that would help you meet some new people.
And if they judge you before getting to know you, they're not someone you want as a friend. Sounds cliche, but it's true.

@cocoacocoa11 I am in a mommy and me group in my town but there are only two other moms and they would rather talk to each other more then me and i think they would rather not talk to me at all but the group leader makes them.

....wat if ur scared of new ppl or big groups? I've tried going to a anime club it was scary

@Jennabutterfly16 Was it scary because it was new or because the people actually seemed intimidating? Everything new is scary. I’m not really an outgoing person, but I’ve learned if you act confident and smile at people, a lot of times they smile back.
It doesn’t have to be a big group. Or if it is, maybe just meet two or three people at first.
Just going somewhere shows you were willing to try, and that’s a great first step!

I have aspurgers and sensory issues it was really loud and I not good around New ppl

@Jennabutterfly16 that would definitely make it harder, yeah. Maybe a quieter place with fewer people would work better for you. An art class or something similar (not for grades, just for fun) might be nice

Don't have much time tho and dad doesn't really like going places

be proud of who you are - young..not old and wrinkled, a mum..not childless and unable to fall pregnant and a beautiful person by the sound of it. Can you sort it out with your old friend..if you were in the wrong you could try apologising/explaining what happened. As for meeting new friends what about trying different play groups where there are other mums. Don't settle on the first one. Even if it means driving a bit further, find one where you feel comfortable, where you are accepted for the wonderful human being you are x

@Dana15 I have apologized even when everyone told me I am not in the wrong I still apologized a thousand times with no reply. I can’t drive or travel far I have car anxiety. not as bad in passenger but I can not drive myself. I have a mommy and me group in town but there are only two other women adn they talk to each other more then me and seems theyd rather not talk to me at all.

she is a older woman and I think she does not enjoy even being at this group either. I live in a some what rich area but I get state help so most people here are judgey sadly. Only ones that aren;t are ones that don;t know I am a young mom