Just when I think I can stop letting my eating disorder

Just when I think I can stop letting my eating disorder control me, I slip and do it again. The worst part is that it felt so good. I'm mad that I couldn't stop myself. I can tell people things to be positive about their own recovery but I don't believe it myself, why is that?

I feel the same way!! It is SO much easier to help others whent hey are down, than when you are down. I think it is because it is easier said than done - right?

ED recovery is though. By the sounds of it you have come a long way. It sounds like you have gone a long time without binging and purging - so please celebrate this. Instead of beating yourself up for the slip, celebrate the how far you have already climbed. There will be slips throughout your life - knw that you are not the only one who slips occasionally. But rather than beating yourself up, keep climbing up!!

May the Holy Spirit guide you, and may God and Jesus comfort you and strengthen you.

God bless

I feel the same way!!! All the time!! I was doing so good once I recovered and then I slipped and relapsed and am now facing death in a couple of years or less if I don't stop. I can't move from my apartment where my trauma happened so that's one BIG thing because even though we got the loan, if we bought a house, we wouldn't be able to do anything. So that's just one thing. My job sucks *** I hate it!! I won't bore you with my pathetic sob story but just keep on keeping on.

There is no way to happiness, happiness IS the way!!!

Heck Yeah!!! :slight_smile: You keep fighting girl! You are doing GREAT! xoxo

hi GinMonty...nice to meet you and WeLL Done that you came here to talk to us! Day-by-Day, I always love your post and Your words are beautiful..thank you ....ginMonty..posting here and staying connected with us or support groups with bulimia/ED is how we figure it out together. . I am here to tell you that those slips youre having are bulimic reminders to keep fighting it until we figure it out as"Bulimics"..I believe God gave us this disease to figure out together..Thank YOU so much for coming here and sharing your "Buliic Jouney"...Its another piece of our puzzle. it took me 30 years of courage, strength, bravery to finally give my piece of this puzzle..YOU are so strong my dear...All of you are..stay connected to this support group and outside too if you like it..Yes, those slips do feel good..and you need to be proud of yourself for keep getting up and coming here to post...AWESOME EVERYONE! WE ARE ROCKIN IT!!! GOD BLESS US ALL! Stay strong and keep posting! Talk soon. Good nite. xoxo

I feel the same every day too! But as Day by Zday and Hope and Faith have said, 1. Give yourself credit,,,,,u have done great! It's the small things that mean a lot!,,we are all in it together!

Everyone here on this website are in different levels of recovery, some are in recovery and doing well and others are still struggling on a daily basis. I continue to need this support group as much as you do because I've learned not to disconnect from what helps keeps me doing well in recovery. So, read all you can each day and share with us your feelings,whether your sad, angry or lonely, we are here for you always.........Hugs, Joan

PS. There are no leaders in this group, we are all equal and we all have something valuable to give to one another. You have helped me more than you know.