Just when i thought things cant get any worse

This post is kinda continuing from my last one. To summerize, it was about my younger sister. It is clear that she has the whole different life online via facebook and whatever. She talks to who knows how many people from who knows where and who knows how old they are. She does crave attention, which I can relate with, but she does take it to the extreme. This time was a little too extreme. My step mom recieved some pictures on to her phone of some guys junk. She found out that it was my sisters friend/boyfriend, not from around here. Her along with my dad tried talking to my sister about it but she just remained quiet. They got the police involved, he tried talking to her. After he left, my dad tried taking the phone away from her. There was a struggle and he kicked her in the stomach. She panicked and ran outside screaming and crying. Luckily I was there to cool things down. My dad use to beat me as a kid but has never laid a hand on my younger sister. I know he didn't hit her very hard and she is very overdramatic, but I'm sure it did scare the hell out of her. After all, my dad is a huge 6 foot 2 scary mexican. Pretty intimidating. Things were just okay for the rest of that night. The next night I was away at my boyfriends house. My dad has some friends over for some drink, nothing out of the ordinary. My step mom gets some more text. Not as horrifying as the last, but still upsetting. They were already pretty buzzed by then and all sort of ganged up on my sister. This time I wasn't there and she ran away. When the police found her, she told them that dad hit her. He admitted and they arrested him. My mom had to drive out here at 4 in the morning from a mile away, rented a hotel, and stayed with my sister. Through her text messages and facebook, we realize that she's been saying some pretty hurtful and untrughtful things about everyone, particularly my dad. I won't say exactly what it was she said, only that it's a complete lie and it would ruin my dads life forever if she decided to tell the police. Her friend was texting how she should get the sharpest knife in the house and kill my dad. They're keeping the cell phone as evidence for either going after this kid or whatever, I'm not really sure. My step mom and I were never close at all. We lived together, but completely avoided eye contact and conversation. She was a complete mess, and I comforted her, along with my mom and my little sister. I've been acting as the strong supportive one, but really I myself am a complete wreck and just want to hide and cry in my room all day. Today (three days after my dads arrest) we went to the court house to get my dad. it took eight hours of waiting. When we got him, I was so overwhelmed I hugged him and cried. Now that he's home, he want absolutly nothing to do with my little sister. She can't live with my mom because my mom is right now living with my grandma and grandpa who has worsening demensia. I've tried telling my dad he can't just completely remove her from his live, that's his daughter. He doesn't care. I understand he is incredibly hurt and that's why he's probably saying this. But I know my dad and he's so stubburn that he might just go through with removing his youngest daughter out of his life. I feel so guilty cause I keep thinking if i was there that night she ran away, maybe I could have stopped her and this whole mess could have been avoided. My step mom is looking for boarding school, so that is an option. Still doesn't fix this broken family. I'm in the constant state of agony and I just want it all to end. I'm sorry this was really long, even if no one reads it or I get no response, it was just nice to get this all out.

Hi Pipgirl, I am so sorry for what you are going through with your family, as I can imagine how upsetting it is. Though, please do not blame yourself for what happened, it wasn't your fault that your sister decided to stir up this kind of trouble. Clearly this all had to come out in the open; all of the lies that she has been communicating. I am sure that your father works hard to provide for his family and this type of disrespect and the lies are devastating to him. If you can, try to be there for everyone individually, but allow them time to heal from something that happened so recently. I don't think all that your father is feeling will go away overnight, he needs time to process everything that happened, time to work through the emotions and then he may get to a better place where he can work on a relationship with your sister again. At this time, maybe it is best for your sister to go to boarding school away from the family, so that she stays out of trouble and doesn't cause serious problems for your family again.

Focus on yourself, your happiness, and finding peace within. Do you have any friends who are supportive and you can spend time with? Do you have activities and/or hobbies that you enjoy?

Pipgirl I'm so sorry honey for what you've had to endure & how brave of you to continue discussing these matters. I'm not sure how old you are but would be wise to find friends/relatives for solace & support, someone you can go to & trust while you seek other options for your future endeavors & possibly take lil sis w/you as this is a very toxic environment/dysfunctional to say the least, of course one always loves their parent/parents regardless but still needs to have good role models to function & learn skills to survive on in life. I admire you for sharing your thoughts so as to learn another way of not repeating the family history that I'm sure you've read time & time again here & other places.

Your father needs to find better copeing skills & it isnt your place to tell him that as you mentioned he may not listen & as for your sister shes a kid & needs to have a mentor/leader that she can trust & thats you most likely to lead her out of this drama as your dad ignoring her (not wanting to deal w/her) will only create her to run somewhere else & I must add she has a right to voice her opinion about the way shes feeling mistreated & is probably why she may gravitate to a darker side now & in the future. Girls need good relationship role models & their fathers/good male role models to show them how they should be treated/respected/cherished in life by men & by example. Do you have a p/t job?