Just wondering what type of masks you guys wear, I had been

Just wondering what type of masks you guys wear, I had been wearing cloth masks I can wash, but it seems like the CDC is suggesting we wear KN95 masks.

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I’ve mostly been wearing surgical masks and occasionally, cloth masks.

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Hi CK - I'm all in with N95 masks. You can get 10 in a box for just over $20. I've actually put them in the washer and dryer (in a garment bag)

We've worn KN95's from the beginning, but whatever you have is better than nothing. Thank you for wearing a mask.

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CKBlossom There have been long term viable studies on the effectiveness of masks. One of them that I heard reported on showed that masks do very little to prevent the spread. If you're going to wear a mask, the light blue medical ones provide some level of effectiveness. It's still not very much according to the studies.

Lol none. Literally I don't see the point. People that wear masks even the disposable ones don't even put on a new one so all those nasty germs especially from people emitting oxygen is still on their mask. The only time I wear a mask is only when I see my doctor and at my college because it's basically required and I'm not going to have some professor be a hard butt on my grade over a dang mask. At least I buy the 100 count ones though on amazon that are disposable and throw it away once I get home :/

Idk y'all, everyone was basically wearing it out of panic and not even leaving their houses when this all first started. Y'all really think wearing masks will help at this point when we were actually at lockdown during the first point?

@0ShyGirl0. The problem wasn’t the people wearing the masks. It was those not wearing them AND going out in public, especially superspreader events—ie., church, cruises, protests, shopping, parties. Those maskless people spread Covid very effectively which is why we are where we are today. The more who comply/the better it will be imho

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