Just Wondering

Among the surprisingly few things you can do in Your Profile.
I noticed that it does have a space for your web-link. I suppose you cold use that to link to a web site you like. Or You could use it to link to "YOUR" web site. Weather thats on a separate server or the popular craze of a face-book or twitter accounts that some of you may happen to have.

another one of my many hobbies is Photography. I've thought about linking to a Picasa or U-tube account. So I'm wondering has anyone here done anything like that? And if I were to do that would anyone actually go there to check it out??


for computer idiots like me press a button and get there is a great idea

im not sure what to make of it thou in the wider scale of life or the site here

what would u post? take pics off? i would like to see some of the events u attend in that town of yours cos they sound like fun things to see

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)

I'm w/you D, am still clicking the wrong darn thing.

Trick I did see on the news one of the art shows you were talking about, wished I was there.

I figured Any body who waned to notice would prolly see it on the the news. It is a world wide thing that people from many countries participate in. :slight_smile: