Karma drama

So here is my question: I try to be a good person, do the right thing, be honest and kind. Over the years I stared to learn to stand up for myself and still not become all bitter. But then where am I going wrong ALL the time? For example my husband took a new job out on top of the mountains, doesn't pay that great but it is what he felt had more purpose. I supported him 100% but we cant find anything to live in. Ether stuff looks soooo old and creepy or is way above waht we can afford. Six weeks before he started we found a chalet to buy... It was on the market for two years. We negotiated a fair price... The day os signing they changed their minds and do not want to sell anymore. Now he is working full time and has no more time to check out property and i am forced to live back with the kid and the animals three hours away down in the valley. We thoughr we did the righr choice and get screwed all the time . Why do the jerks get ahead? why do ppl just don't care of the consequences their behaviors have? isn't there supposed to be some balance inthis world? some fairness... Work hard get rewarded... Not taken for a ride. Be a slob don't get much.... Right?! What am I missing?

Karma is concept that is in lot of beliefs systems. Some people call it something different, I think the witches call it law three. The samurai believed that thinking bad thoughts can bring bad karma and they also believed that their punishment for being a samurai is to come back in the next life as a samurai. One witch made a funny blog named the karma police to make it simple, it said if you do something good and you should get something in return and it doesn't work as simple as that. It was a funny blog. I have my doubts about karma as I have faith it. Also karma is based on your past lives, I have a problem dealing with this life and I can't worry too much about what bad things I did in my past life. I believe that basic belief, that the good is rewarded and the wicked is punished. I have always been a good, kind and caring person. I should have a better life. I think karma is more of a state of mind, trying to be kind living in such a cruel world. I won't never be cruel and it is not my way. This world is filled with people who will sell their own children to get rich, they don't even have a conscious. It saddens what happen to you. I don't understand how people can be that way, just my thoughts.