Keep saying you miss me. Keep saying you still love me. keep

Keep saying you miss me. Keep saying you still love me. Keep saying your heart hurts. You decided to leave and stay away. So why bombard me with all of this? Why confuse me it makes no sense. Should I just block her and be done with it. Leave her in pain? Like she did me. I want to let go but all those dreams we shared to have them die. Its so hard.

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Why are ya'll not together?

She doesn't want it. She thinks its time we move on and that we aren't good for each other. Maybe we arent...

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Move on, there is more out there. You deserve it

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@scowt Its hard to that’s all I hear move on move on but she tells me she all these things and I can’t just never respond can I?

For me too. But we r both out there, u and me together so we r not alone.

@Tobee sorry that was meant for growin g pains

I want nothing more in the world more than to have my wife stay with me, but she says it's over. I think she is making the biggest mistake of her life, maybe you are too.

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@singledad1969 I feel like she is making a big mistake too. She decided to end it and she is as heartbroken as me. Maybe more

So sorry. That hurts so much. Take care of yourself.

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@Betrayedbymylove it is what it is I guess. Thank you.

she left your heart bleeding, now she says she love and misses you, is it from her lips or heart. it's mind over heart. i feel your pain, if you decide to go back, you cannot be bitter, must forgive and move forward best of luck to you

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@vbryant its not my decision to go back. She means it cause I see it in her face. But she thinks we aren’t good for each other and she’s sticking to that. But not leaving me to move on

i know losing a love hurts, especially when one feels "we're not good for one another, i pray you find that peace to move on ...... hugs

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@vbryant one day I will. Thank you

As much as this hurts now, it will get better if you move on (I know you've probably heard this before) but it will. You don't deserve someone to break up with you then play with your heart like this.

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I chose the name "Single Dad" because it was accurate, sixteen years later I still love and emotionally support the woman who physically and emotionally received another man. Am I a fool? Maybe. Do I deserve better? Yes. Did I make a commitment to god? Absolutely, and that being is far more grand than myself and that's why I will never relinquish my power as a father and husband.

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@singledad1969 I honestly want to be there for her. But it just hurts to much. You have a lot of strength to still stay close. But I have to close the door

@emilieeeesaid Little by little I think I am moving on. You are right. I don't need this when so much more is going on

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When the weight to stay is heavier than the pressure to go than maybe it's better to leave, but you must be the one to finally decide.

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