Keep trying to post and it doesn't work. Just like my life

Keep trying to post and it doesn't work. Just like my life.

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Is that your dog in your picture?? How cute!

Yes, had to put him down 2 weeks ago after 16 years. He was my angel. Feel empty now.

The site is glitchy lately

Constant losses, struggles and hurt and pain. Feel like my life will never get better. After I lost my boy, I was terminated from my job. Lost and hopeless

I am so sorry for your struggle. I know the struggle is hard. We are here for you

Feel like I just want my life to end. Can't deal with it anymore. Am alone and by myself and I have done this to myself. I blame myself. Just want to go to sleep forever.

Aw. I can't imagine. He lived a good life..Wish you well

Thanks for your kind words. I wish I could be well, but my depression keeps rearing its ugly head. And am tired of it.

Thanks yellowrose, but I can't even help myself.

@free2fly you don’t have to be able to help yourself to help someone else my love. … and you’d be surprised to see you just might wind up being helped yourself. … sometimes we can heal by helping others.