Keeping Bp a secret

I am 36 year male. I have ruined every relationship w women in the past w either BP moods or alcohol or both. I recently quit drinking and I have kept Bp a secret from girlfriend for a year. I was recently on her computer looking at Bp info n I think she traced some of it n saw what I was looking at. She asked me if I was n I denied it but she started acting completely different towards me. I didn't say anything initially because of predjudice I have experienced in the past.

Hi Lincolnhawk19,

I know that living with bipolar disorder is hard, but keeping it a secret from those you care about can make things hard. I think that your girlfriend probably changed towards you not so much because you are bipolar and she suspects you are, but because she feels like you are not being completely honest with her and I think that probably hurts her more. I was in a similar situation when I was younger and I struggled a lot to deal with my then boyfriend because of it. I think it would be a good idea to have a talk with her and educate her on it. I think she would feel as though you have a greater amount of trust in her if you did. I wanted to share with you this site, that you can use to help her learn more about your condition: I think it would also help to dispel any prejudices she might have. I hope this helps.


From Mood Disorders to Bipolar Disorder