Kinda sucks that I want to hook up with somebody and I can't

Kinda sucks that I want to hook up with somebody and I can't because he doesn't know I have herpes... I'm not on daily medication and I know condoms are only 50% safe. Sucks I can't hook up with anybody without telling them. Kinda hitting me hard tonight.

Now come on it is a very small risk of transmission from women to men and how do you know that he's going to do a runner. what is just a 1 night stand or is it somebody that you actually like because it is somebody you like take the risk and tell them

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Somebody I actually like. But I want to hook up with him right now

well take it as it comes or just tell him now

Don't force it. If he cares, he'll stay honestly. I'm really bothered and depressed myself and not because of having genital herpes but because I'm going through a breakup and trust me, herpes wasn't the reason for the breakup. I have met and seriously fell hard for a few guys since finding out and lucky for me, they were all excepting. Now, I know there will probably be a time where he might not want to deal with it but hey, I'll handle that when it comes but dont let this define you! Allow it to refine you and be an encouragement and testimony for someone else in need.

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