Know about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFS is hard to diagnose and there is a lot to know about symptoms:

"Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS, is a debilitating condition that currently has no definitive cause identified and can result in unemployment and disability from the symptoms.

Sufferers have specific symptoms that they identify and experience over time. There have been several causative agents theorized to have an effect on the condition or to cause the condition but up until this time there have been no definitive research studies that are conclusive.

Until this time there has also been no conclusive test that can either rule in or rule out the condition. One of the biggest reasons that physicians don’t have a definitive test for the condition is because they don’t have a conclusive cause. There is, however, a list of symptoms and signs that are associated with the condition.

These specific symptoms are a necessary part of the diagnosis. And, because these symptoms are also indicative of other medical diagnoses it is important that your physician rule out other medical problems. Only after all other potential conditions are ruled out can a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome be made."

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I have a friend who got this fatigue syndrome and not so long ago he is into this kind of rehab at one of the county's rehabilitation center.

The thing is that his physician is also do not know what else to do with him.

ya, i guess this is a tough disease to pin down and help, hope more science goes towards this to help people.