Knowing yourself -without an ed

so im at the point in recovery now where im just getting in control of eating again, and now im trying to figure out who i am without an ed. im almost glad its a slow process because if ed was gone so fast who knows who id be! id be a mess thats for sure..
im just starting to look at who i am without an ed..
i just want to encourage you all, wherever you are at with ur eating disorder.. you ARE NOT your eating disorder. the eating disorder is just a thing thats gotten into you. with it, you are so incredible! you have so many gifts and talents. you are more than weight, food numbers, anxiety... and all that.
you are here on this earth for a purpose, and aweosme one at that...
never forget that.
stay strong.
ash x

ash...this is true! It does take time to develop an understanding of who you are, without the identity of the eating disorder. It's a new way of looking at yourself, and your place in this is amazing and exciting, and without the eating disorder commanding your path, you get to make all your choices!!
Thank you for sharing this....Jan ♥

yes this is so very true, and something i love to explore...we are not our looks, weight, dress size, or anythign like that --we are the combination of our spirits, hearts, mind, body and soul... or personlaity , our uniqueness, does not come from ED not matter how many times ED tells us otherwise...

it is good tomake a list of who you are with out ED--write out every little detail about yourself...

and there you have it, you without the ED , oh it takes a while to find yourself but when you find the real you, ED has no place inside of you...



I undertand what you mean when you say you're not sure who you'd be if ed went away so fast. I feel that alot too. But you are right we are so much more than someone with an ed. We all have so much to give and such great personalities hidden behind our eds. You are awesome and this is so great that you are starting to realize that you are a great person with so much to offer. Keep fighting and you will find your whole self without ed. :) Nicole

thank u so much guys :)

You're right, it does take a long time to uncover who you are without your ed. I thought I had lost everything to my ed, even in recovery. It's been tough to reintroduce myself to the things I used to love doing. But it's been an amazing experience. I'm starting to feel like the real me was just buried under the ed. It's been a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

Best of luck as you continue through recovery! :)

wow well done, uv come so far… cant wait to say something like that too…
can i ask how u discovered yourself? like did u have to put urself in situations u wdn usually with an ed?

I think the truth of recovering from an eating disorder with, “very slowly.” It’s a long process of therapy and having to deal with incredibly uncomfortable things.

-Learning to feel and deal with my emotions in healthy ways and most importantly not judging any one emotion I’m feeling.
-Creating a support network of people who care about me and who I care about too. Getting myself out of isolation helped tremendously.
-Being compassionate with myself and keeping the faith that life without an eating disorder is possible and is wonderful.

About the question of ever being “truly recovered”: I’ll probably always have eating disordered thoughts, but what defines recovery for me is how I deal with them. I know that when my thoughts turn more toward eating disordered thoughts, I’m not allowing myself to truly feel some emotion that is coming up for me. It’s my signal to sit with myself and work that issue out. Once I do that, I feel better and don’t have to resort to eating disorder behavior. It’s actually a useful barometer

I hope you can find peace and continue with recovery. Liz

Hey liz
wow thank you, im going to copy and paste and print that off now :slight_smile:
especially thhe coming out of isolation part… i havnt done it for long, but its going to be hard i can tell. like i havnt seen anyone but family and professionals (doc, psych etc) for 2 weeks, and frankly im fine with that, no ones asked where i am, and the few people who have accepted the ‘im just tired’ response… but i know its not healthy.
sorry im ranting here!
you’re so amazing to come so far… eating disorders are truly hell to get in and hell to get out of.
thanks so much

What you have shared is very important. I hope you will allow yourself to believe that you CAN be completely free from the ED, in every way! YOU CAN! If you don't believe it, it is not likely to happen. I would have never believed that I could be free and totally recovered after 37 years of being ill from anorexia, but I am, and I am now living totally free from it all! You can too! Wishing you all the best....Jan ♥

I like this post a lot because I am at the point where I question who I really am and who my ED really is. I am proud that you have that mentality because it's what you need to recover, and I know it's what I need as well. Seeing you realize that gives me hope that I too will be able to discover who I am without my ED.

ah go for it hey!! jump into new things, even when its really scary… theres so much of you that new end exciting for you to discover.
im glad this helped.
you are awesome

Never Give Up!! ♥

ever ever ever never ever never never never ever!

♥ ♥ ♥