Lack Of Sleep linked to Diabetes 2 and Obesity

This article discusses the connection between lack of sleep and obesity plus diabetes;

"Millions of Americans pledge to shed a few pounds at the start of the new year, but according to one diet expert, many don't get enough of one key element: sleep.

Ohio State University Medical Center (OSUMC) dietitian Shirley Kindrick, PhD says if you plan to get to the gym more often in the new year, you need to eat right, but also need to get to bed on time.

Dr. Kindrick is accustomed to advising clients on their diets, nutritional values and healthy portion sizes. Surprisingly more often, and particularly during this time of year, she counsels patients on their sleep habits, often learning that some are trading sleep for exercise and thwarting their weight loss efforts....."

Source:, 12/10/10

Wow, I'm a diabetic who was formally obese...