Lack of Sleep & Stroke

Proper sleep has many health benefits, though this study shows that people who don't sleep enough are at a higher risk for stroke;

"People who sleep poorly or don’t get enough of it are a higher risk for heart disease and stroke, researchers have found.

Emory University School of Medicine researchers surveyed 525 middle-aged people on their sleep quality and sleep duration.

Acute sleep deprivation leads to an increased production of inflammatory hormones and changes in blood vessel function, but more research is needed on the physiological effects of chronic lack of sleep, said Alanna Morris..."
        Source:, 11/15/10

oh no! thanks for posting this. i know sleep has many benefits and good to know that sleeping is party of our daily health too, and something we need to work out and be consistent about.

So true! I think that many of us overlook the importance of sleep to our health on the whole. I know that sleep tends to be a big challenge for me and I really try to avoid taking sleeping pills, but sometimes it's the choice between doing that and having a sleepless night due to stress and anxiety.