Last night I laid in bed fighting the urge to dance and run

Last night I laid in bed fighting the urge to dance and run through the house. I had an important meeting at 8am and needed to be rested. Took a cough syrup with codine and it still took like 4 hours before my thoughts stopped and i went to sleep. Anyone have any suggestions for the next time this happens?

I'm not sure. Has it happened a lot? *hugs*

Being unable to stop my thoughts has happened numerous times. Fighting the urge to run or dance around the house cuz I feel like I am going to jump out of my skin, that was a first.

@confusedandsad I know it can be hard to stop racing thoughts. Are you on medication, in therapy? hugs

On wellbutrin and lexapro. One dr saif i may b bipolar, 1 says no, 1 says she doesnt know. I go to therapy when my situation allows, probably about 2x month.

@confusedandsad Maybe you could get some reliable testing somewhere? I took the MMPI test at a local university that also has a psychiatrist on staff and felt confident that it was accurate and a consensus opinion. Anything like that in your area? Maybe you need a med check? Just some thoughts…Hugs!

Dr just switched me from zoloft to lexapro almost 2 months ago. Will have to look into the mmpi and other resources. Mental health care for uninsured/underinsured is almost impossible here. I had to wait 6 months to see the place i go now. They have had 3 drs in 2 years. :(

@confusedandsad I don’t know where you are, but my health insurance sucks and I ended up getting therapy at a Psych Clinic at a university for $10 a visit. That’s where I got the tests and so on. If you do have Bipolar disorder you may need different or additional meds? I’m going to attach some links for info on Bipolar. Let me know if these are helpful. Big hug!
Below are some links that address Bipolar disorder that you may find useful:

Sounds likeca manic episode. Mention everything to your doctor and get that health check done asap. The lack of sleep always gets me at the end. And they can be do exhausting..

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Psychiatrist dismissed my bipolar/mania concerns. She said my body is probably just adjusting to switching from zoloft to lexapro. I sat their fidgeting with my phone and talking like what seemed fast to me amd she seemed unconcerned. She did not even blink when i told her i felt like o wanted to jump out of my skin or the wanting to dance around the house naked. I feel so unlistened to