Last night I posted a meme that said: detox your life in 4 e

Last night I posted this meme.
The narc liked it!!! It makes me so angry bc I'm thinking he is saying yes, this is why I (he) don't talk to you. When it's me who had stayed away!! Ugh but he knows how to get to me. I know o need to block him but for some stupid reason I haven't done it yet. I keep thinking there will be a day I won't care anymore so it doesn't make a difference if he's there or not.

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I didn't think the image would post.

My psycho does the same kind of stuff. They cannot fathom we would be talking abt them. Idk if its stupidity or just their sickness. Either way ur only hurting yrself by not blocking him and you are also feeding his ego. Do u really want to do any more for him ? Block him. You win. He loses. Perfect.

@Yellowrose10 iionly have a few of his friends and I’ve deleted some and block others.
Thanks for the advice.

I have to hang this above my bed :-) Thanks for sharing

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Great the meme...yes block that narc hole get your sanity back. I have no social sites at all...only because I know my self...I'll go and peek at the narc f#[email protected] kiss myself off...:/ I chose to go no social siting at all.

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@northernbayfree lol * piss