Last night my ex that cheated called me and texted me no sto

last night my ex that cheated called me and texted me no stop from 11pm to 2 am. Then again at 7am to about 8:30am. I ignored them all until she texted me around 9:30 saying , "I need to tell you something. Somethings wrong." Me being the idiot I am called back. She of course had nothing to say she just wanted to know why I ignored her calls and if I ever was going to call her back. I told her no I wasn't planning on it, then she proceeded to literally cry to me for about 20 minutes. Saying it just hit me that I'm going to lose you. She proclaims she is 100 percent serious about only being with me, but I told her I just need time to myself. I don't know what to make of last night and this morning.

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She sounds like she is desperately trying to reel you back in. Listen to your gut and do what is best for you.

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Take all the time you need. Please be true to yourself. Do not let her manipulate you. You need this time to yourself. Sending you strength, hope, ((hugs)). God's peace.

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She is an ex? I take it that it is due to her actions? How long has it been. This takes time

Does she sound truly remorseful or she just wants her cake and eat it too?

My friend I would say that the person she cheated with dumped her and she just realized she would be alone, it's up to you if you wish to forgive her but in the meantime while you right now need your alone time make her understand you don't want or need her drama right now

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I believe that she's remorseful but she can be as remorseful as she wants. If I can't forgive her than does it matter that much. @090915DDay
@skhc and @Buddydadog I just need time to think alot of this over. Don't know if forgiveness is something I am ready for

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@cwe9191 You’re right. It doesn’t matter. I can’t forgive my ex, but it bothers me that he’s not even remorseful.

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