Lately I've been feeling lost n hopeless. Not jus from this

Lately I've been feeling lost n hopeless. Not jus from this disease but my entire life isn't where I want it to be. I know God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers but honestly it's like, I dnt want to be strong! I dnt want to be tough! I just want this b over! Sometimes I feel like what did I do to deserve this much bad luck/karma??

Do whats troubling you exactly about having this virus?

That fact that I have it is what's troubling. Nobody should have to deal with this. I get so mad and frustrated at every *inserts curse word* thing! For example, we have plans to visit Mars in the next few years but there's no cure for diseases like herpes, AIDS n cancer stuff that's been around forever! i find myself thinking why even bother living in this evil world, that just wants to see ppl suffer and die!

I'm sure that every single person who kept a terminal illness or a virus that they have to live with for the rest of my life feels exactly the same but unfortunately at this point in time we can change that and yes it sucks that there are other things on the agenda that seems to be more important. so what do we do do we sit and have a pity party day in day out or do we accept it and get on with it. I'm sure everyone has their different challenges with having this virus but at the end of the day ultimately it is up to you how you deal with it so think about what's important in life to you because I'm sure there are a lot of positive for you so don't give up

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No one has a perfect life and yeah this sux but in reality its not the worst that can happen. Yes there will be challenges but think about how many things you can still do. Write down all the things that you think herpes will prevent you doing the things you want and thrn think about whether it is true. What evidence is there or who says you cant. I still do all the things i did before herpes now. I chose anorexia for half my life and it was wasted time. No need to do that because i have herpes.

I get you just got diagnosed. Its the hardest time but it gets better

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Ur right Lisa and I'm goin to do exactly that!

Good girl. I often think about those who are less fortunate than me and for example the people who killed in the Paris terrorist attacks and really I have nothing to complain about I have a good life but I have herpes big deal