Lately, I've been having a burning desire to run away. Not r

Lately, I've been having a burning desire to run away. Not run away from my problems necessarily, but just to start over or at least take a temporary break from the life I live and focus on myself. I've been living all this time for other people and not for me and maybe that's what's best for me right now. Does anyone else ever wish or has done the same?

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I have thoughts similar to yours at times. Do you ever take vacations?

@Mary76 No.I don’t remember the last time I have honestly :confused:

@SunnyTomorrow that sounds nice. I haven’t been to the beach in years. My goal is to go this summer.

I feel this way very often, but then realistically I'm even more nervous to start fresh, be completely alone and know nobody. Its those times I appreciate some of the comfort I already have. Take a trip though! That can put a lot of things into perspective and would be a good way to clear your head of worries and doubts :)

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@tearsofjoy Sometimes I think that does make me nervous too, but life has been rough on me for almost all 18 years I have lived. I am definitely planning a trip for myself at the very least :slight_smile:

I have been thinking about disappearing myself lately. Starting over in a new state or city and just seeing where it goes

@Brandywine Its an appealing idea isn’t it? I think I may go for it.